The R Coronae Australis star-forming region

Image credit: ESO 2.2m/WFI

This young dusty star-forming region lies at a distance of 130 pc and the contrast in age with the older NGC 2547 region, where much of the star-forming material has cleared, can be seen by inspection of the images. Estimates of the age of R CrA vary between 1 and 10 Myr. The star R CrA itself is invisible to the naked eye (V ~ 12) and lies in the foreground at around 25 parsecs, from its Hipparcos parallax. It is itself an embedded, red source (J ~ 6, K ~ 3) and associated with the Herbig-Haro object HH 104 (left). The radial velocity is -28 kms-1.


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  1. […] region (below). Credit to an alternative site today. I would also like to clarify my previous post pointing out that the Hipparcos parallax for R CrA itself is not reliably measured. The accepted […]

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