Thirty million year old open cluster NGC 2547


Image credit: ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2. Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin.

The region has been studied in detail by Jeffries et al. (2004). Gorlova et al. (2007) have also searched for debris disks, concluding that by 30 Myr the inner regions of disks around solar-type stars (within 1 AU) have been comprehensively cleared of potential planet-forming material.


Another cluster of similar age is IC 4665 in Ophiuchus (above). A complete mass function down to the substellar regime has now been published, in agreement with findings from older clusters, notably the Pleiades.


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  1. […] young dusty star-forming region lies at a distance of 130 pc and the contrast in age with the older NGC 2547 region, where much of the star-forming material has cleared, can be seen by inspection of the […]

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