UKIRT Announcement of Opportunity

The United Kindgom Infrared Telescope was the first dedicated telescope for infrared observations, and started operations in the early 1980s. Sadly, UK funding has been pulled for this unique 3.8 metre telescope so an invitation has been sent to the global astronomy community in the hope that it may continue to produce science of the highest quality.

“This is the first time that a productive, world-leading observatory in the 4-m class has been offered to the global community. We invite you to consider this unprecedented opportunity.”

Using UKIRT to find LSPM 1459+0857 AB a “Rosetta Stone” T dwarf in orbit around a white dwarf, allowing for the first time to age a brown dwarf precisely:

UKIRT instrumental in finding first methane dwarf around a dying star

Image of the WFCAM camera used for the ground breaking UKIDSS survey:

First planet discovered by the WFCAM transit survey (see sidebar)


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